Writers Welcome!


Do you have a passion for media, love to write, and want to be part of a team that shares your excitement for producing new and interesting content? Then come join us at CYNOBS!

You Write It. We Promote It!

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The CYNOBS team works with a “You Write It, We Promote It” mindset. Other sites simply publish writers’ content to fill their site space, and then leave the promotion to the individual who already spent countless hours developing their article. Not here!

With a constantly increasing social media presence and a focus on achieving the greatest exposure available, our devoted team will make sure that your content gets the attention it deserves both before AND after publication.

“What Should I Write?”

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Topic choices are only limited by your imagination. Review the categories already established on CYNOBS homepage menu. We are open to posting almost anything that is original and creative. If there is not a category on the homepage that you would like to write about, let us know! Our team is always receptive of new ideas.

Application Guidelines

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Take a look at the criteria below. Once you submit the required information along with a sample article, the CYNOBS team will review your content and get back to you ASAP. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  • Choose a unique and thought-provoking topic.
  • Create a “list” article with 5 or more examples to prove or illustrate your concept.
  • Make an introduction to your list based article that is at least 150 words. Keep the summary sections between 150 – 300 words.
  • Aim to use 3rd person writing style (he/she/it) with an authoritative tone; no “I”, “we”, “us”, etc.
  • Try to make unique observations about your topic that separate it from just being a research paper.
  • Most importantly: Have fun!

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