WWE Summerslam: Preview And Predictions

Fans of professional wrestling know there’s no better way to end the summer than with the WWE’s premiere event, Summerslam. It’s often dubbed the Wrestlemania of the summer and is the industries biggest event of the season.

Summerslam events of the past have been known to be the pinnacle of a number of feuds. The 2015 edition appears to be doing the same with the long awaited rematch between Brock Lesnar & the Undertaker and a potential classic match in the worlds with John Cena & Seth Rollins just to name a few.

The card is booked from top to bottom, forcing the WWE to expand the event to a first time 4-hour run. It will see young talent take the stage for the first time on a grand scale. John Stewart is also in the mix as the special host of the event! Expect a confrontation with Seth Rollins!

With us again is Alec to give his predictions on what will happen at the 28th anniversary of Summerslam!

Here’s the CYNOBS preview of the WWE’s 2015 Summerslam.

Los Matadores vs. The New Day vs. The Prime Time Players vs. The Lucha Dragons


The tag team division has consisted of a pretty solid mix for the past few months. Many of the faces and teams have been battling with one another for what feels to be the better part of the year. That’s certainly not a bad thing but it does call into question the depth of the division itself.

The Prime Time Players (PTP) have had an enjoyable run as the champs with their only true rivalry appearing to be The New Day (ND). Throw in Las Matadores (LM) and the Lucha Dragons (LD) and this could prove to be a quality match with a number of impressive spots.

It’s difficult to see either LM or the LD taking the title though. Of the four teams, the ND carries the most fanfare. They’re proving to be a solid stable and are slowly winning over the WWE Universe even with their heel persona. However, PTP has also proven to be quality champions as well during their short title run. It was shocking when they captured the titles but they’ve done a fine job representing the division.

Brent’s Prediction: It’s a New Day in the tag team division. They’re the strongest faction right. Plus they have a third man in the mix who’s sure to have an altercation or two with El Torito during the course of this match. Again, expect to see some quality spots during this one, especially involving LM and the LD. After the bell though, ND brings the gold back.

Alec’s Prediction: Please give this to New Day. So many teams, so little interest. Go New Day!

The Big Show vs. Ryback vs. The Miz


Ah the match that never was at Battleground…is now here at Summerslam. It’s really difficult to judge where all three of these performers fall within the WWE. The Big Show has had a phenomenal career as the World’s Largest Athlete and is overdue for a title run of some sort. The Miz has really fallen into obscurity as he appears to be more of a WWE supporting guy out of the ring.

That leaves Ryback – A guy gifted with a stereotypical WWE physic. He’s been plagued with injuries, some nasty ones at that, throughout his short career. But since gaining the Intercontinental title, Ryback has started to fall into his own, cutting more promos and garnering quality crowd support.

It’s easier to see Ryback retaining but the Intercontinental title is so tricky in more recent times. It’s constantly billed as a prestigious title among those who hold it but it doesn’t seem to correlate as much to the greater WWE Universe. Very frequently do we see superstars wearing the title to then fade away down into the lower levels of the mid-card after relinquishing the title.

Brent’s Prediction: When it comes to superstars who always appear to be on the shelf due to injury, the WWE doesn’t hesitate to take the spotlight off of them. Ryback has had two pretty significant injuries in a very short period of time. It wouldn’t be a surprise at all if they take the title off of him and give it Show for one last run or The Miz in order to make him relevant once again. That being said, the big guy Ryback retains.

Alec’s Prediction: Miz! Miz! Miz! Miz! It will never happen. Ryback, back from the staph infections, wins this because he’s big and strong and they want to give him a title run. However, the Miz is #1 in my heart!

Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns


It would seem that these two factions have been feuding each forever. Although each side is down a man, the intensity still appears to be the same. And to be honest, this was a feud that ended way too prematurely.

The WWE has really struggled to place Wyatt as a solo performer. After all, his best work was done when the Wyatt Family was established with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Add in the former SHIELD to the mix and the chemistry was amazing.

The Wyatt / Reigns feud has a little more life now with the addition of Harper and Ambrose. The two teams can at least tap into some of their former hatred from the past and put on a spectacular show. Make no bones about it, all four of these individuals are terrific superstars. Team them up and the product is dynamite.

Brent’s Prediction:  Could we see a full family reunion with the Wyatt clan? Or a complete SHIELD team-up like the one teased at WWE Payback? How great would that be? Not yet for the SHIELD. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Rowan pop back up but Rollins is no sure thing to return to the fold. A Wyatt reunification at the expense of Ambrose & Reigns is a strong possibility.

Alec’s Prediction: Heel turn! Heel turn! Heel turn! I’m picking Ambrose (with the rest of the world). Ambrose’s crazy, wacky style pairs well with Wyatt. Let him do his thing, give Reigns some payback and set him up for a future title run. Wyatt & Harper win this one.

Steven Amell & Neville vs. Stardust & King Barrett


Leave it to the WWE to showcase A-list actors alongside their talent. This is a match that has been a long time in the making, dating back to May when Steven Amell was spotted ringside during an airing of RAW.

Stardust has done some of his best promo work to date during this angle. His outer worldly and bizarre monologues are some of the best that the WWE has seen in quite a while. It’d be entertaining to see him take a turn as a villain on Arrow once the feud has ended.

The infusion of Neville and Barrett are needed here to help carry the weight of the match but teaming up the “Red Arrow” with the “Green Arrow” is just too perfect of an opportunity. Plus it gives Neville, an incredible in ring talent, an opportunity to showcase his ability at one of the industries top shows. Barrett is no slouch either, it’s just a shame his introduction appears to be a bit late. It first looked like the WWE may have used the Miz in this situation with his current Hollywood angle and it appears that may have been a better fit with this one.

Brent’s Prediction: The WWE doesn’t usually introduce Hollywood talent to it’s events to have them look foolish. Amell’s stock is at an all time high and still skyrocketing with his hit TV show and main stream feature film crossover. Add into the mix his amazing social media interactions and enormous love for professional wrestling. Amell gets involved heavily in this one and  takes the victory with Neville.

Alec’s Prediction: Green Arrow & Red Arrow against Stardust & King Barrett! Even if the Green Arrow doesn’t have Diggle or Thea or Felicity by his side, Green Arrow didn’t come to the WWE to fail the WWE Universe! He gets the pin and we all get a solid match from an actor. Shock!

Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro


Finally! This match has been teased since the June. After the amazing three match feud Owens had with John Cena, it was impossible to see who Owens would go up against next. After interfering in a Cena open challenge with Cesaro, the picture became quite clear.

Since first painting a picture of this one happening, the WWE has booked both men strong in multiple tag team matches. The feud started on an episode of Smackdown in which Owens defeated Cesaro but the two have no faced off one-one-one since.

Owens is newer to the main roster while Cesaro has been around for roughly three years. Both men are peaking at the exact same time. Owens’ short run in NXT, where he held the title for a majority of that time, is a testament to his ability to be on the main roster. Cesaro is also long overdue for a push. When he split with the Real Americans it looked like he was primed to take a step forward. Instead he was kept as a heel character in a shot run with Paul Heyman and then later teamed up with Tyson Kidd for a good tag team run.

Brent’s Prediction: This one has the potential to steal the show. These two are bright spots for the WWE’s future and they’re going to bring it all at Summerslam. Owens’ run in NXT appears to be over so his spot on the main roster looks to be assured. Cesaro deserves the momentum though. I think they battle hard but Owens takes a clean win here as a heel.

Alec’s Prediction: Winner: Us! Honestly, I don’t care who wins. This match will be awesome. Cesaro has been hanging in the mid card for too long. Owens is hot on the scene but coming off a few losses to the big coloring book John Cena. I hope they get the time to work a great match. My pick though: Owens.

PCB vs. Team Bella vs. Team B.A.D


The Divas Revolution is here! The WWE has invested heavily into it’s women’s division of the business and this year’s Summerslam is a salute to that. It’s a clever move in taking the long established Bella brand and pitting it against the future.

Up until this point, the Bella’s are the best performers the WWE has in the division and pitting them against the new up and coming talent is a stroke of genius. All of the women in this match can perform.

The division has needed some reshaping and has come a long way in five years. The on screen time and talent devoted to women’s matches has increased significantly. The match quality is even coming close to comparing to the matches in the men’s division. Gone are the days of silly stipulation matches featuring two divas. Fans of wrestling can enjoy quality spots and actual wrestling entertainment in the division!

Brent’s Prediction: The Divas revolution that started back on July 13 is reaching new heights at Summerslam. On both RAW and Smackdown, the division has spotlighted a number of great matches between all of the women in this match. Summerslam isn’t an ending but only a beginning. The Bella’s walk out the winners though, solidifying their dominance at the top for the time being.

Alec’s Prediction: The baby face faction goes over in this big match. Let’s just hope they give them the time to work something good. Go Paige!

Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler


A late addition to the show, yet a match that all have been expecting. This match is a strong testament to how solid the mid card is in the WWE. Ziggler is no stranger to being at the top of the mountain while Rusev has been booked so strong since his introduction to the main roster after making his debut at the 2014 Royal Rumble.

Ziggler has match stealing ability while Rusev has the massive size and physicality of a classic WWE superstar. Rusev’s early run has been strong, peaking during his matches with John Cena while he was the United States champion. Since that feud, Rusev has appeared to be a little bit more vulnerable.

Ziggler is one of those guys the WWE relies on for quality. He’s an in ring perfectionist that can make any of his opponents look good. Ziggler’s absence due to injury leaves a lot to be desired in this match. The feud has been front loaded since May and the two haven’t associated with one another since early July when Rusev shelved Ziggler.

Brent’s Prediction: This is a tough call but should be an excellent match. The two could easily continue their feud beyond Summerslam, especially considering the characters in play. Lana is heavily affiliated with Rusev and breaking that connection early doesn’t appear to be in the cards. I think Ziggler has the momentum going in and  the revenge factor so he should take this one. Fans could see a mixed tag match moving forward at another event.

Alec’s Prediction: The zig-zag needs to happen. Listen, I love Rusev, and he probably needs the push, but I’d love to see an actual Ziggler run to the top. No more injuries, no more concussions, headed to the top. Go Ziggler!

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus


The feud between these two has been filler. It’s been a long time since Sheamus has been champion but carrying around a Money In The Bank briefcase is really just a place holder. Randy Orton on the other hand is an established 13-time champion who’s one of  the best in the business.

Both of these guys are top  tier performers – Orton with veteran status and Sheamus a solidly established future talent.  It wouldn’t be surprising to see these two face off with one another for the foreseeable future.

Much like his more recent feud with Seth Rollins, Orton seems destined to be the performer that beats up on the next guy to get the spotlight. The same appears to be true once again with Sheamus. Orton is constantly booked strong but appears to move onto his next victim once they’ve elevated themselves to WWE Champion.

Brent’s Prediction: This match appears to be a much similar to the Orton / Rollins feud witnessed at Wrestlemania 31. The WWE doesn’t need to book Sheamus strong here and he can afford to lose the match to keep Orton at the top. The briefcase is his insurance. Orton wins clean and after the hints of Sheamus trying to cash it, it’s only a matter of time before it happens. And it could it could happen at Summerslam.

Alec’s Prediction: Bathroom break! Sheamus will lose, Orton will RKO out of nowhere and Sheamus will cash in later – None this will matters!

John Cena vs. Seth Rollins


With the Rollins / Lesnar feud now in the past, it makes sense for John Cena to hop back into the major spotlight for Summerslam. Cena is the WWE’s figurehead and deserves to be a part of the main event. Even though Rollins is the WWE Champion, John Cena is the WWE.

Rollin’s run as a heel WWE Champion has been superb. Not only has he been an entertaining mouth piece, he’s been a top tier performer. Although this is the beginning of Rollin’s WWE career, this title run has been a good indication for what’s to come for his career.

Cena has done equally as good a job with the WWE United States Championship. Sometimes forgotten as a title, Cena has elevated not only the pretentiousness of the championship but much of the mid card talent to potential top tier performers. It has been a true testament to Cena as a champion and professional within the industries – both cases that are equally commendable.

Brent’s Prediction: Money in the bank cash in, that’s what I see in this match. It was teased on the August 10th edition of RAW and after Rollins carried the briefcase for so long, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a faster cash in with Sheamus this time around. If Cena wins he ties Ric Flair with 16-championship wins, the most in history. I don’t see either of these guys carrying both the US Championship and the WWE World title but stranger things have happened.

Alec’s Prediction: Championship! John Cena has had a great year. It pains me to say it, but it’s true. Cena matching the record title runs with Flair seems like destiny at this point. Will there be a cash-in? Yes. Cena wins. Rollins falls to the mid card (sad face) and Cena goes on to feud with Sheamus (ugh). I hate it. But it’s happening.

Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker


It’s amazing this re-match is even happening. With the defeat of the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30, the end of the streak, and the apparent end to their feud, a re-match between these two individuals just did not seem likely, especially as more time passed from the original fight.

Jump ahead 15-months and the match is happening. Fans were shocked when the Undertaker made his return at Battleground, not seen once again since his defeat over Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 31. The Undertaker’s time appeared to be waning after the end of the streak. Lesnar would go on a tear after beating John Cena at last years Summerslam and carry the title all the way to Wrestlemania 31.

There’s a lot of speculation if fans will see a “heel” Undertaker at Summerslam. Lesnar’s dominance has turned him into a fan favorite as he plowed through all competition and appeared to be unstoppable for his title re-match against Seth Rollins. Setting up a re-match with the Undertaker was the only way to keep him strong while not putting the title back around his waist.

Brent’s Prediction: Toughest call of the night. Everyone I’ve talked to says the same thing: The Undertaker is so old! It demands that fans put their imaginations aside with a superior Lesnar and an older Undertaker. This match has to be great though. It was unfortunate that Undertaker was concussed early during their Wrestlemania 30 match and this one should prove to make up for that. Lesnar does not dominate Undertaker in this match like we’ve seen him do and Kane return has to be in the works. It’ll be an end to the feud but if Undertaker wins, I’m not sure if it’s clean.

Alec’s Prediction: Lesnar / Taker – We need a third match, right? The match that’s “too big for Wrestlemania” needs a match big enough for Wrestlemania! Taker wins. No Kane. Let’s get it on at Mania!

Summerslam is Sunday, August 23 @ 7 ET/4PT on the WWE Network. Catch the Kickoff @ 6ET/3 PT on the WWE Network.



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