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Concert Recap : Purity Ring

Author: Shelby Stachel

It was a cool night and the sound of eager voices could be heard from blocks away. People were crowded in anticipation for what everyone hoped would be a show they would never forget. It was such a tease to hear people talk about how truly amazing it was to see Purity Ring live. As the security guard came out of the venue the crowd instantly came to a startling roar in anticipation for the show.

Purity Ring is an up incoming band from Canada who performed live at the Philadelphia Union Station on May 30, 2015. ‘Born Gold’ and ‘Braids’ were the two other bands from Canada who were accompanying ‘Purity Ring’ on their tour. Purity Ring consists of two members, Megan James and Corin Roddick. This Canadian electronic music duo currently has two albums out. The first, ‘Shrines’ was released in 2012 and second and more recent ‘Another Eternity’, which was released in 2015.

Purity Ring 2
Album Art : Left – “Shrines” Right – “Another Eternity”

‘Shrines’ and ‘Another Eternity’ are a work of art. It’s uncommon to come across an album where every single song can be enjoyed. Fans spend endless nights replaying these albums over and over again until the mind subconsciously becomes one with the music. Purity Ring is best listened to during late night hours with eyes closed. The unique mixture of sound and voice allows the mind to drift off and fully enjoy all that this band has to offer.

The concert hall at Union Transfer is surrounded by bars that were filled with people rushing to get a drink before the show started. It wasn’t long before people in the standing area began pushing and squeezing to get into the front row. The lights started to dim and the first band, ‘Born Gold’ entered the stage. ‘Born Gold’ put on the ultimate show. The crowd was pressing up against each other as they moved their bodies to the beat. ‘Born Gold’ was all over the stage dancing and rocking out. All felt the energy and excitement of the band.

Purity Ring 3
Left – “Born Gold” Right – “Braids”

The atmosphere shifted as ‘Braids’ walked onto the stage. Raphaelle Standell-Preston began to sing and the crowd went silent. Her voice was majestic and sent chills down the spines of the crowd who were swaying back and forth mesmerized by her voice. Even though they had a slight problem with their technology, her light heartedness eased the crowd. As her fellow band mates worked to get the problem resolved she talked to the crowd. She spoke of the city and seemed thankful the audience did not boo them off the stage for the malfunction. The crowd cheered as she spoke and encouraged the band until the problem was resolved.

Both bands put on an amazing show. Each owned their music and brought everything they had to the table. It was obvious that a ton of sweat and tears went into making their music and it was much appreciated by the audience. But now it was time for the main attraction, Purity Ring.

Purity Ring 4
Purity Ring at Union Transfer in Philadelphia PA

The lights shut off and the crowd waited in anticipation. The sound of rustling instruments on the stage only made the eagerness grow. After what seemed like forever the music began to play. The beat was so loud if felt like the fans hearts could beat right out of their chest. The lights turned on and the audience stared in awe as they illuminated the stage so majestically. The crowds face was glowing spectacularly just from the reflection of the light show.

One thing that was consistent throughout the entire show was the pure excitement that never left the faces of those staring at James as she played ‘Repetition’ and ‘Heartsigh’. The audience cheered and sang along and their excitement increased with every song Purity Ring performed. Megan James walked across the stage with such power; her hair blowing in the wind while a full light show was displayed behind her. Every sense in the body could feel the presence of the music. Without a pause or shortness of breath she moved on to the next song and then the next; slowly taking every single persons breath away.

A group of talented artists came together the night of May 30th 2015 to share their music with a great community. Please visit Purity Ring’s homepage to access their tour schedule to sign up for a concert of a lifetime.

Purity Ring Set List:

  • Stranger Than Earth
  • Push Pull
  • Repetition
  • Obedear
  • Lofticries
  • Heartsigh
  • Sea Castle
  • Belispeak
  • Fineshrine
  • Dust Hymn
  • Flood on the Floor
  • Stillness in Woe
  • Bodyache
  • Begin Again

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