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Movie Review : Jurassic World

Author : Stephanie Jones

Director: Colin Trevorrow

Cast: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, Vincent D’Onofrio

Synopsis: 22 years after the original Jurassic Park failed, a new park emerged, Jurassic World, and it is open for business. After years of studying genetics, the scientists at the park genetically engineered a new breed of dinosaur. As previously proven in the other dinosaur themed entertainment parks, playing God is a dangerous game; everything that can go wrong, usually does go wrong. The question that everyone will ask now is “who will make it off the island alive?”

Movie Review:

Jurassic World 1
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It has been 22 years since the first Jurassic movie was released.  When the movie first came out it was a huge surprise to everyone. The concept – dinosaurs living among humans – was ground breaking and spectacular, until everything went completely wrong.  Now years later, we are back in the theatres watching it happen all over again. Be forewarned that there are some small spoilers ahead.

Jurassic World opens up with two brothers, Zack and Grey, on their way to an island called Isla Nublar. This is the island that hosts a theme park of dinosaurs. The boys are taking the trip to visit their Aunt Clair (Bryce Dallas Howard), who is in charge of running the park. The park this time around is bigger and more thrilling than the last one.

The scientist on the island have genetically engineered a new breed of dinosaur and it’s DNA is kept secret. The first time we meet this genetically engineered dinosaur, named Indominus, we are in her cage. Claire and the owner of the park, Simon (Irrfan Khan), go into the enclosure and check out the design. Right away your heart is pumping when you see how large and how tall the walls are. How big is this new dinosaur?

Jurassic World 2
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While inside, it is seen that the glass is broken on one end, but Claire still commands a worker to bring out the Indominus for viewing. Simon notices her and mentions the coloring. Claire asks, “Do you think it will scare the kids?” Simon replies “The kids? This will give their parents nightmares.” “Is that good?” “It’s fantastic!” It is clear yet again that money and attendence are the main priority for the people running the park. When will they learn this is the worst thing ever!?

We are introduced to Owen (Chris Pratt) as he is training raptors in their enclosure. They listen to his commands and do as they are told. We see them stalking a pig, trying to kill it and eat it, learning how to hunt. Owen is a strong believer that these are wild animals and that they need to learn how to hunt and kill, but also build relationships and trust. Owen is seen as their Alpha.

Claire takes Owen to the Indominus enclosure for his expert opinion. When he asks to see her, a zip line with a chunk of meat swings by, but no dinosaur appears. He makes comments that explain why this dinosaur is going to be a terror. The Indominus had no interaction, no human contact, and was kept isolated inside those walls. They then try to locate her through a tracking device, but they come back with nothing!

Jurassic World 3
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When Owen notices claw marks on the walls, Clair declares a state of emergency with the thought that this new breed of dinosaur got out. But while Owen and a guard inside the cage, it is revealed that the dinosaur is still in the enclosure. She tricked them into thinking she escaped…. Clever girl as Robert Muldoon would say.

All hell breaks loose, 2 guards are killed, eaten, and Owen barely makes it out alive! Now there is a custom built hybrid dinosaur roaming around with 22,000 people at the park with only a few ferries to get on and off of island.  Indominus removed her tracker, can camouflage herself and manage her thermal rays, and is larger than the T-Rex. This is one hell of a dinosaur.

While all of this is happening, Grey and Zack are enjoying their time in the park. They are sightseeing at new water attraction, a giant sea creature eating a great white shark, and driving around in the gyrospheres that allows them to ride along next to the dinosaurs.

They eventually get lost in the woods and encounter the monster. When they find Indominus, she is killing other dinosaurs and causing destruction. Pterodactyl’s even get released and start attacking and killing guests at the park. As people are getting attacked by the dinosaurs, Owen, Claire, and the boys set out to stop Indominus. They release the raptors out into the wild to track and take down the new dinosaur.

Jurassic World 4
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Once the raptors come into contact with Indominus, they start communicating with each other. If you remember in the third movie, Alan realizes that the raptors are communicating and planning with each other while they hunt. That theory carries over into this movie.

The raptors eventually establish a new Alpha that is not Owen anymore. They need to kill Indominus but what they really need is “more teeth.” Cue the T-Rex! The first sighting comes at the end of the movie. With the help of the remaining raptors, the T-Rex  takes Indominus down, but with a little twist. The unbelievable ending will not be spoiled in this review and it must be seen it in theaters!

Jurassic World hits theaters Friday June 12th, 2015!

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