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Movie Review : Furious 7

Author : Stephanie Jones

Director: James Wan

Cast: Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Jordana Brewster, Ludacris

Synopsis: Trying to live regular lives, Deckard Shaw is out for revenge against Dom and the team. Since killing Han, the team is also looking for revenge. Another adrenaline packed movie from the Fast and Furious franchise, this move does not falter.

Movie Review:

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Furious 7 is one of the best movies in this series. It is remarkably satisfying and refreshing. As with any franchise that just keeps getting bigger and better, the Fast and the Furious crew tries to top all the preceding installments and comes out with an all time action packed last ride movie. Most fans are going to see this movie to honor and pay tribute to Paul Walker who just lights up the screen with this good boy smile. But true fans of this franchise will also be there to enjoy the action, feel the roar of the engines, and hear the tires screeching. This movie was made for the diehard fans. Furious 7 takes viewers back in time to relive some great moments from the past and also reveal things to the viewer that they never knew. Back with the same great cast and some new additions, this movie takes fans on a global ride. As the Furious 7 crew travels from Los Angeles, Tokyo, Dubai, and the Caucasus Mountains, audiences are taken on a worldwide adventure for two hours and twenty minutes.

This movie does not disappoint with the action. As fans have seen in the past, these movies break all  barriers and give audiences that hold your breath experience. Furious 7 has viewers more emotionally invested than ever before. It shows how close the crew is and the bond that they formed through years of hard work and wild rides. This movie is a high-octane, fast paced, adrenaline rush that revels in its own ridiculousness. Sure there are some scenes that are completely unrealistic, but these far-fetched action segments make it hard to look away. Not many movies drop cars from planes or drive a car through three buildings. Most action movies also do not leave the audience with a tear in their eye, but Furious 7 provides both the action packed scenes and an emotional story.

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Over the past 14 years the audience has come to love this crew. Fans have learned what each member likes and hates, and they now know what makes the crew tick. Even though they break the law, the crew still says grace and honors a strong family bond. They teach audiences to live their life a quarter mile at a time. Furious 7 and its franchise are definitely in a league of their own.

This movie takes a different turn from what we assume it is about. Jason Statham who plays Owen Shaws big bad brother, Deckard, is there to get revenge for what Vin Diesel’s crew did to his brother. But viewers are also introduced to another villain; a Somalian terrorist who is out to steal computer software called God’s Eye. The software is a great source of knowledge, but in the wrong hands can be used as a powerful weapon.

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Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) is introduced as a family man in this installment. He has a wife, a kid, and a minivan; everything most street racers would hate. But fans know the relationship that Brian and Mia have formed over the years so it’s apparent why he is such a good dad.

In Fast and Furious 5 we hear Brian speak of his own father and how he wasn’t around, so it makes sense that it is important for Brian to be a great father. However, audiences can also tell that something is missing from his life and this last ride is exactly what he needs. He undoubtedly loves his family, but he loves to be behind the wheel of a race car too. The tribute at the end of the movie for Paul Walker is first class! It is so well done that you cannot help but shed a tear. There has been a lot of time invested with his magnificent character and now it seems as though the ride is over.

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Vin Diesel continues to play big brother Dom, and protects his family. Dom is the first person that Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) calls when there is a problem. He takes on the task  of saving the world and drives it home. We all have seen Dom grow up. He went from being a street kid who hated authority to actually being the authority. Everyone listens when Dom talks and respects his opinions. Even when his ideas are absolutely backwards, everyone still follows because they see the faith he has in his team. It specifically signifies Dominic Torreto’s character when he says “I dont have friends, I have family.”

Go see Furious 7, leave judgment at the door, and enjoy it! We all hope there will be another one, but it is not confirmed. Everyone has enjoyed the ride we have been one since 2001 and we do not want it to end.  Support Paul and the whole team one more time.

Furious 7 hits theaters April 3rd, 2015!

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