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WWE Summerslam 2014: Preview And Predictions

As another August is upon us, WWE fans know it’s time for summer’s Wrestlemania event – Summerslam. With the WWE presumably desperate for subscribers to jump onboard with the WWE Network, the company appears to be pushing harder than ever. They’re pushing so hard that they’ve even tried to thrust the selling price of the $9.99 network as a Monday Night RAW gimmick.

Whether you’re a diehard fan and consumer of everything WWE or a passive watcher, there’s no denying this years Summerslam is a big ticket event the company is looking to cash in on. With a number of employee layoffs and unfortunate injuries that have plagued the business lately, WWE needs a big win. Although there will never be a drought of viewers and fans, the time is ripe to captivate enthusiasts with some of the best new talent they have to offer.

Keep an eye out for big events and big moments to make any WWE enthusiast go crazy. Summerslam is one the WWE’s big three events of the year behind Wrestlemania in April and the Royal Rumble in January. If you’re looking for any shockers or jaw dropping moments, this could be event you don’t want to miss.

The Miz Vs. Dolph Ziggler

World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.
World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.

If there’s ever been a sports entertainer that’s been relegated to mid-card purgatory, it’s Dolph Ziggler. Unquestionably one of the better workers in the business, Ziggler hasn’t had an opportunity at the top for quite some time. However, seeing him wrestle a match at Summerslam is a rewarding nudge for a guy that deserves it.

After stealing the WWE Intercontinental title in one of the most unoriginal ways during a battle royal match at last months Battleground for the vacated belt, the Miz once again has gold around his waist. It’s not a terrible move as the Miz is one of the businesses golden boys in regards to projects revolving around the WWE studios side of the business – the execution of putting the title on the Miz is where things are a little weak.

Come Summerslam, the Miz / Ziggler feud comes to a head as the three time Intercontinental champion defends his title. Ziggler is without a doubt the better worker of the two with the Miz being a much better man on the microphone. The storyline up to this point has been about the Miz and his Hollywood rise to fame and his obsession with protecting the “money maker” – his face.

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler takes this match but via disqualification, allowing the Miz to retain the title. Depending on how the match plays out, it’s possible fans get a repeat performance at next months event Night of Champion.

Jack Swagger Vs. Rusev

World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.
World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.

Leave it to the WWE to take advantage of global tensions in the squared circle. It’s a tactic they’ve used for years and something that has proven to be a staple in the world of sports entertainment. Fans have even seen feuds already with the Bulgarian Brute Rusev and other WWE talent such as Big E Langston and their respective countries patriotism on the line.

When the Real Americans broke up and Antonio Cesaro went on to become a Paul Heyman guy, flipping Jack Swagger and his manager Zeb Colter to the face side of things was a shocking turn. With Cesaro standing out as the more popular of the two, WWE made a clever creative decision keeping Cesaro as the heel while give Swagger the turn. That turn has proven to do miracles for Swagger as he now has the audience pulling for him and the American way of life.

Even though Colter and Rusev’s manager Lana are the talking pieces of this feud, the back-and-forth between the two, saddled with nationalist jokes that border on the controversial, has made this one to enjoy. Gone are the days of a lackluster Swagger pitted against a foe that could end either way. This is a rematch from last months Battleground but with a flag match stipulation: To claim victory, one opponent must climb onto the top turnbuckle and attain their opponent’s flag.

Prediction: Up until this point Rusev has proven to be an unbeatable opponent. He won via count out when the two met at Battleground and a flag match appears to be the perfect way to have Rusev suffer his first defeat. Look for Swagger to incapacitate Rusev with his ankle lock and then climb to victory. It’s a win-win scenario for both men as Rusev still doesn’t lose clean and Swagger gets a much-needed win.

Chris Jericho Vs. Bray Wyatt

World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.
World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.

It’s no secret that Chris Jericho is playing out his other fantasy in being a rock star when he isn’t entertaining his millions of fans in the ring. Most individuals would feel extremely lucky to live out one of their dreams. Jericho already has a Hall of Fame career under his belt for his many accomplishments up to this point. It’s no surprise he’s now a figure that works best in pushing young talent.

If there’s ever a young talent that needs a push, it’s Bray Wyatt. Wyatt has maintained a steady stream of fan support since debuting in the WWE but has done very little in the way of in ring wins. He feuded with Daniel Bryan, even converted him to his family, but ultimately lost the feud. He then had a forgettable feud with John Cena that ended with Wyatt’s demise. It appeared that Wyatt was destined to fall to the ranks of mid-card status.

The two met last month at Battleground in a match that all but appeared to be a lock for a Bray Wyatt victory. As stated, Jericho has done a fantastic job at putting over young talent as of late, which made it all the more shocking when he beat Wyatt clean. The WWE once again had Wyatt surrender a victory to a more seasoned performer. Never the less, Wyatt has maintained his place as a top tier performer waiting to get a much needed title push.

Prediction: It appeared that Wyatt over Jericho was a no brainer at Battleground. The same has to be said for this rematch at Summerslam. Both of Wyatt’s lackeys, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, have been banned from ringside for this match. Even without the help from his fellow family members, Wyatt is due for a victory. And a clean victory at that without his cronies on hand.

AJ Lee Vs. Paige

World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.
World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.

It’s relief to see the Divas Division getting some quality attention. For years, the division has featured female athletes that simply just don’t have the in ring ability. However with the emergence of AJ Lee and many other talented Divas over the past year, the division has become a welcome part of each pay-per-view event.

When AJ Lee made her return a few weeks ago, it was no surprise when she took her rightful place back from Paige as the Divas champion. She’s one of, if not the best, in ring performing Divas in the entire WWE and her placement at the top shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Although young and relatively new to the WWE scene, Paige is a proven talent that belongs right up there with AJ.

When Paige dethroned AJ months ago prior to a short hiatus in which she became Mrs. Straight Edge, fans loved the idea of a new face taking the title and running with it. Seeing Paige slowly turn into a heel only to culminate in AJ’s return and reclaiming of the title is WWE story telling at it’s finest.

Prediction: Another match that could really go either way. Although AJ has just returned and hasn’t had the title for too long, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see her drop it to Paige at Summerslam. AJ has quickly become one of the veteran Divas in the WWE and it wouldn’t be surprising to see her put Paige over and drop the title once again.

Roman Reigns Vs. Randy Orton

World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.
World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.

Roman Reigns is a young talent within the WWE ranks that will some day reach the pinnacle – there’s no doubt about it. The SHIELD proved to be one of the best factions the WWE has had to offer in quite a long time. When you’re a heel faction like the SHIELD and the crowd eventually forces you to turn face, you know you have a product that’s working.

Unfortunately for Randy Orton, there isn’t a man in the business that has a better in ring ability.  Although he enjoyed a nice run as the WWE World Heavyweight champion recently, he’s slowly slid from the heights with glimpses revolving around the possibility of getting his deserved rematch. However, even though he isn’t the “face” of the WWE at the moment, he’s still a relevant player in the grander scheme of things.

Although this match appears to be more a carry over from the SHIELD / Evolution feud of a few months ago, these two have been in each others cross hairs for quite a while. Reigns appeared to be on his way to the top after the amazing pop he received during the Royal Rumble as he went on a rampage eliminating opponent after opponent. Both men have earned their spots in the ladder match at Money in the Bank and a Fatal 4-Way at Battleground.

Prediction: With Reigns leveling off in the past couple of weeks, it would appear that he’s due for a loss. It makes sense for Orton to put him over but their feud is still pretty fresh and could go on for another couple of weeks into the next pay-per-view. Orton definitely earns the win here but it’s doubtful that it’ll be clean.

Dean Ambrose Vs. Seth Rollins

World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.
World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.

If you were talking about the eventual breakup of the SHIELD months ago, it was almost too obvious that Dean Ambrose would be the man causing the fragmentation of the group with an expected heel turn. Now that fans are months removed from that break up, roles were reversed in one of the more shocking events of the year – not quite steak ending shock but you get the point.

The result has been a feud that has been downright awesome. Ambrose has proven to be a great middle of the road character teetering on the brink of a full fledged heel with the charisma of a classic bend-the-rules face character. Seth Rollins on the other hand has aligned himself with the authority but not so much that a feud with either Kane or Randy Orton in the future isn’t too unthinkable.

The heat surrounding these two is at a boiling point. With their match being nixed at last months Battleground, fans are desperate to see these two face one another since witnessing some of the chemistry they’ve flashed in the ring together. Even though a no holds barred match would prove more suitable for these two, the dynamics of a Lumberjack match could prove interesting. Regardless of those circumstances, there’s no way this entire match stays in the ring.

Prediction: As it’s been proven in the past, the man who typically carries the Money in the Bank briefcase usually rights a current of limited success until the time he cashes in. There’s no doubt that when Rollins cashes in, he’s winning. Because of the push he’ll get once he cashes, Ambrose deserves the momentum moving forward with a win. If Ambrose wins, the feud is over but if Rollins pulls it off, these two will continue on. Still, the money is on Ambrose with this one.

Brie Bella Vs. Stephanie McMahon

World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.
World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.

Getting two Divas matches in one night is one thing, getting it with a McMahon is a whole other ball game. It’s only fitting that Stephanie McMahon has stepped into the role of the evil CEO in place of her father Vince McMahon. After all, the McMahon family has proven to be one of the most heated and hated heel factions in professional sports entertainment history.

On the other side of Stephanie McMahon, is Mrs. Yes – Brie Bella Bryan. Since her husband Daniel Bryan has been sidelined due to a neck injury for two months, Brie has been a part of a storyline that she’s woven in and out for a couple of months now. Brie is unquestionably the biggest Divas name in the locker room right now with her in ring ability and recent run on Total Divas – A smash hit for the WWE that takes the viewer behind the scenes of the WWE Divas division.

These two ladies, and yes, even families at this point, absolutely hate each other. The feud between Daniel Bryan and the Authority has now spilled over into the lives of the women that make up these two groups. With the absence of Bryan, the battle between Brie and Stephanie has emerged to hold fans over until his all but eventual return.

Prediction: With the return of Daniel Bryan all but imminent, it’s easy to see that the feud between these two is being used to stoke the flames. Stephanie not only wins this match but does so in humiliating fashion to Brie. There’s just no way the Authority doesn’t walk away from Summerslam with the upper hand, ushering in the return of one of the hottest superstars in the business.

John Cena Vs. Brock Lesnar

World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.
World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.

For fans of the WWE, the shock involved with Brock Lesnar beating the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30 is still something that is difficult to get over. Just taking the the previous five Wrestlemania events, fans would have never thought Lesnar would have been the man to end the streak. Since his historical victory though, Lesnar was quietly lurking in the shadows – until this moment.

John Cena is not only the undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Championship, he’s the true face of the company. It’s a title that Cena has held since bursting onto the scene all of those years ago. Many fans have their opinions about Cena and the character he portrays but he is easily the hardest working man in the entire WWE locker room.

When taking a look at this rivalry, these two men have a legendary past together. Both men are hardly the best in ring technicians in the business but prove to take it to a top gear when meeting one another. As the marquee event of Summerlsam and the tremendous heat leading up to it, these two will pull out all of the stops and beat the hell out of one another in what should be the  anticipated match of the night.

Prediction: This is a really tough call to make in who will win the match. If Lesanr pulls it off, it won’t be a clean victory like the one he got against the Undertaker. It all makes sense that the full time guy, John Cena, gets the win here as his reign is only about two months old. However, with the return of Daniel Bryan right around the corner, it would make sense that he’ll get an opportunity to regain his spot at the top against a monster foe like Lesnar. In the end, Lesnar gets the shocking win and becomes the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. After all, it only makes sense that the guy behind the one in 21-1 gets his title reign.

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