5 Moments in the Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer That Left Fans Begging For More

It has been an excruciatingly long time “coming” for this trailer (pun intended). So much and yet so little was revealed on July 24, 2014 once the Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer was released to the public.

The next seven months are going to be just as slow as the years leading up to this trailer and it is painful to even think about. The irony is not lost on fans to have the premiere date on Valentine’s Day. A day of love, lust, and lonely woman eating pint after pint of Ben & Jerry’s; fans welcome the dare of going to see this film on Valentine’s Day and they only hope for a naughty punishment to follow.

There are a lot of controversies about casting, the director, and what will be left in and what they will take out from the original story. But needless to say there were so many delicious moments in this trailer that left you drooling by the end. Here are 5 moments that satisfied fans appetite… for now.


5. “First Impressions” – The Interview

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You immediately see Anastasia and you know that this woman was casted beautifully. She’s the right amount of awkward with an innocently oblivious sexy demeanor. When it comes to Christian though, there is so much of a build up before you see his face.

Through an out of focus look you see his body, but then a vivid image of his hand gripping the side of his desk. Then you hear his voice before you really see him which just keeps building the suspense; leaving viewers with a similar feeling that readers feel at most points in the book.

With that being said, once you see Christian you either love him or hate him. Christian Grey is supposed to make women crumble to the knees when he walks into a room because he is so damn sexy. One would dare to say that in four words Christian Grey is “The Ultimate Panty Dropper.” Does Jamie Dornan make the cut ladies? Can women deny that jaw line of his? Fans might need a little more time in the playroom before they jump to conclusions.

Then before you know it Ana is in the elevator ready to go. It becomes apparent that it has only just begun between the two of them.

 4. “F*ck the Paperwork” – The Elevator

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Those three words are the undoing of Christian Grey, spoken right before he pounces on Ana in the elevator. Prior to this scene happening, Ana has finally got a glimpse of the contract that, in so many words, is Christian’s lifestyle. It seems apparent that she wasn’t going to be quick to sign that dotted line, but for Christian to kiss her anyway without her signature says a lot about the situation.

This is where Christian looses a notch of his self-control and takes Ana by surprise when he pins her back against the elevator wall. This scene will really make you squirm in your seat and get you all hot a bothered to see the movie.

Also please take note that as she goes to touch him, Christian immediately lifts her arms above her head. Some people may see that and say, “Oh, that’s hot!”, where as FSoG fans are like, “Bitch, you don’t even know what he’s been through.”

3. ”Soaring vs Sore-ing” – The Glider

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What an exhilarating feeling to actually get a glimpse of the Glider scene. When they focus on Christian he just looks so much younger and carefree in that scene which is exactly how he’s supposed to look. Then Ana is just radiating excitement and looks so lost in the moment. She seems to forget all of Christian’s problems and they are just able to be a couple who are crazy about each other; a couple experiencing… more.

Fans shouldn’t forget about Charlie Tango either! You get a glimpse of the helicopter with Grey Enterprises slapped on the side right before Ana boards with a very shy smile on her face. Then in a split second you see a soaring helicopter over the city. The movie better not skimp on Christian strapping her into anything, including the seat as she boards Charlie Tango.

2. ”Meeting the Greys” – The Family Dinner

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It is interesting that you really only get to see Christian and Ana in this trailer. You briefly see Taylor (Christian’s body Guard/Driver), and then you briefly see most of the cast at the dinner table. Production really must have decided that they didn’t want to give anything away here.

Once you see the dinner table and realize what’s in front of you, you yearn to get a better look at everyone. It’s exhausting trying to eyeball each character at that table in the nanosecond that you have, but even just seeing them for that slight moment isn’t enough. Is Elliot as funny and carefree? Does Kate really live up to how pretty Ana makes her out to be? Is Mia going to be cute and annoying all at once? What will Carrick and Grace really look like?!

Once you realize what the scene is, it is already on to the next where Christian is slowly making his way up her thigh under the dining table. Gosh all of this is so frustrating! Let’s just hope in the movie, the next stop is the boathouse.

 1. ”Enlighten Me Then…” – The Playroom

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There is a very brief yet tantalizing look into the playroom. After Ana says “Enlighten me then,” you see Christian turn the key into the Red Room of Pain, and then it all happens all at once. Your eyes go straight to Ana as you try to gauge her reaction.

Then through a series of split second frames you see whips, a brown leather riding crop, Christian watching her take off her clothes, Ana being carried down the hall, and her fingers wrapped around red rope. Finally Ana is blindfolded on a red leather bed gasping from pleasure, or at least that is what viewers are lead to believe. Then it’s all over. The screen goes black and the movie title fades in but Beyonce continues to turn on viewers as she breathlessly finishes “Crazy In Love”.

The next 7 months are going to be torture for fans. Fifty Shades of Grey will be released in theaters on February 13th, 2015.

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