Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s Debut In The Wall Street Journal

7 Time Grammy Award Winner, Teenage Role Model, Fashion icon, and now… Journalist? Taylor Swift never ceases to amaze as she gives Wall Street Journal viewers an optimistic perspective on the ever changing music industry. As she goes on to tell you about Musicians not underestimating their worth, and being that “one” artist for someone that they carry with for their whole lives, and breaking loose from being stereotyped as one genre; it is truly inspiring. Taylor’s views are a breath of fresh air and should be noticed by both fans AND musicians.

Taylor’s observations are heartfelt, honest and undeniable. She hopes people will start to value what musicians do as an art form and listen to albums as a complete composition and not just a $1.29 single on iTunes. On top of that, she is also shouting out to musicians. Reminding them why they do this and why they should be proud of it. Swift also gives them tips on how to be closer to their fans by changing up their concerts and keeping their fans “surprised.”

Please give this article a read. Even if you aren’t a fan of her music, you might become a fan of her insight.

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