May The Fourth Be With You: 7 Announcements For Star Wars Day

For Star Wars fans, April 29th, 2014 proved to be nearly as exciting as the day Disney first purchased the prized and coveted Star Wars franchise. Along with that purchase, fans were also informed George Lucas’s baby would live on for generations to come with a new trilogy and other character-centered spin-off films.

Fans can now breathe easy, or gasp with Sith horror, that it’s finally been confirmed the original three are back. Speculation in regards to how they will be involved is for another time, as for now; fans are coming to terms with the new batch of actors being introduced in Episode VII – some that were rumored for quite some time where others weren’t even on the radar.

With so much mystery and secrecy shrouding the production of this film, it was all but assumed Sunday, May 4th, dubbed Star Wars Day for it’s catchy ‘May The Fourth Be With You’ slogan, would be the pivotal day. Now that the main cast has been announced prior to Star Wars Day, we’re already anticipating what could be next.

These are 7 things Disney may also announce on Star Wars Day.

7. Episode VII Title & Synopsis



Now that the principal cast has been announced and revealed to the world, it’s on to waiting for the title and synopsis. Fans anxiously awaited the title announcement for each prequel trilogy film, hoping with each exposure something could be articulated about what could be expected.

It’s safe to assume JJ Abrams and company will follow a similar format to Star Wars films of the past, yet all that we know so far is Episode VII will be taking place approximately 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi.

Assumptions about what could come next are based on the stories that were told in the Expanded Universe (EU), which has been all but shattered this past week with a major continuity shuffle. It’s possible the Rebellion is still battling the Empire all these years later or a New Republic was indeed established with a new threat emerging from the galaxy. However, all theories aside, now that we have an established cast, there’s no reason to believe we won’t get a story synopsis or title for Episode VII on May 4th.

6. The Scope Of The New Trilogy



Along with the episodic title, the full scope of the new trilogy might be explained on Star Wars Day. It’s been presumed JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan are trying to focus heavily on the original trilogy, and that could mean a much smaller Star Wars world than the one we saw with the prequel trilogy. There’s no denying the prequels showcased a much grander story than the original trilogy, but it’s entirely possible that the sequel trilogy breaks away from that model.

The prequel trilogy focused more on a larger origin story where the original trilogy was more concerned with a coming of age tale. With the emulation of the original trilogy will hopefully come a sharper focus, and it can be assumed fans will witness a much simpler story than the prequels in an attempt to recapture the old magic.

However, with Disney now holding the reigns, there’s no reason to believe Episode VII and beyond will be on a smaller scale. The sequel trilogy will undoubtedly bridge the gap between the prior two trilogies and expand on the fable that has been told up to this point. Fans would be foolish to think that story elements from Episode I won’t reach all the way to Episode IX.

5. Star Wars: Rebels Story Details



It’s also important to remember that Disney is also working on projects for the small screen as well. With Star Wars: Rebels scheduled to invade our homes this autumn, there are a lot of details that are starting to spill out about the show. It was also announced a debut trailer would be released on May 4th for Rebels.

Although fans have seen small bits of footage, mostly centering on character profiles, there has yet to be a full-fledged trailer about the show and a possible plot. As Rebels will be the first Star Wars media to hit the airwaves after the acquisition, fans are extremely excited to see what is in store, especially after the success of the Clone Wars animated series.

The time between Episode III and Episode IV is untapped in regards to Star Wars material, and for years there was an attempt to launch a live action series that was rumored to take place during this point within the Star Wars continuity. Due to high costs and development struggles, the television series was scrapped in favor of telling a story through animation. This 18-year gap between the two films is up for grabs and it’s going to be one hell of ride witnessing the early years of the Rebellion’s formation.

4. The Spin-Off Films



Another topic that has also been teased is the upcoming spin-off films. Rumors have swirled that fans would witness both a Boba Fett and Han Solo spin-off, which connects the events of the sequel trilogy. As both Fett and Solo are robust fan favorites, it’s believed the only reason for any heel-dragging on Disney’s part is that they’re having a difficult time turning a villain such as Boba Fett into a likeable hero for the spin-off treatment.

Many fans have assumed the spin-off films will concentrate on established characters from the earlier films – whether they are portrayed by original actors or are re-cast is something which hasn’t been clarified. There is no information in regards to what could be expected with the scheduled spin-off films at this time, but hopefully that could change.

With Episode VII scheduled to hit theaters in 2015, updates have to be on the horizon for the first spin-off film. The wheels for Episode VII have been kicking for over a year now and if there is to be an expected 2016 spin-off release, Star Wars Day could be the day fans get an update.

3. Next Gen Video Game



It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 4-years since the release of the last Star Wars console video game. Fans have been waiting patiently for the next generation Star Wars game to hit our PS3 and Xbox One consoles, devouring anything Star Wars related that can set the bar even higher.

Since Star Wars 1313 was scrapped as an unfortunate casualty of the Disney acquisition, new game titles have been rumored to be in the works.  It is widely believed EA is currently developing a new Star Wars Battlefront game along with another untitled next-gen console game at this very moment, although again, this is very much up for speculation.

With the exception of the films, fans across the world have had the opportunity to enjoy the galaxy far, far away in a number of different console and arcade games spanning over 20-years. Star Wars Day could be a day fans are finally given a glimpse at the new established canon and how it will correlate with video game media. It would not be surprising at all if a Star Wars Battlefront trailer hit us on Star Wars day, along with other information about future installments.

2. Who The Announced Cast Members Will Play



As exciting as it was to finally get the confirmation we’ve been waiting for with the original cast retuning, we don’t know whom a majority of the other announced actors will be portraying. So even though we know Daisy Ridley, Domnhall Gleeson, Andy Serkis, Oscar Isaac, John Boyega, and Adam Driver have all been confirmed to be a part of Episode VII, it’s hard to fully appreciate the casting because we don’t know anything about the roles they’re taking on.

The announced cast members consist of a mishmash of older and younger actors with a rumored story passing the torch to a new generation, because there’s no way we see the original three carry an entire trilogy for the next 3-5 years. A majority of the announced actors will have to be either relatives or next generation Jedi that will take over the storytelling, and preserve the Skywalker-centric view of the films.

Although much of the EU has now fallen under the newly dubbed Legends category, it’s entirely possible Daisy Ridley is in fact Jaina Solo, the daughter of Han and Leia. Although any direct adaptations are obviously out, it’s likely fans could see some cross over in regards to character names and potential origins. Where any of the other young actors fit in is currently unknown, but it could be revealed on Star Wars Day.

1. More Casting Announcements



The time for casting speculation is over. With the reveal of the original cast and the long rumored supporting cast, fans will no longer have to speculate any further. Or will they? The announcement of the original three’s return was really just a matter of time from the moment a new trilogy was publicized, but for everyone else, all bets are off.

Although many fans are ecstatic at the news, there are clear omissions to the group. What about the strongly rumored casting of Zac Efron and Maisie Richardson-Sellers or the return of Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian? According to the EU, Bail Organa died when Alderaan was destroyed but could we see the return of Jimmy Smits to reprise that role as well?

Yes, the principal cast has been revealed but there’s no denying more of a supporting cast is still a possibility. It’s entirely possible fans see a major casting announcement this weekend in regards to a lead villain or another batch of actors. Gary Oldman, Michael Fassbender, Benedict Cumberbatch – all names that were heavily linked and rumored to be a part of Episode VII. Is it possible one of these actors will be revealed as the next major villain in a galaxy far, far away?

We’ll find out on Star Wars Day – May the 4th Be With You, but watch out for the Revenge of the 5th!

What do you think – Are we in store for more announcements on May 4th, dubbed Star Wars Day? Give us your thoughts!

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