Concert Recap: The Toadies Rubberneck 20th Anniversary Tour

The TLA on South Street in Philadelphia was just rocked by the Toadies 20th anniversary of the Rubberneck album. The show was a great example of how Vaden Todd Lewis and his crew can still bring the energy expected from a post-grunge band formed in the 90’s.

The crowd was understandably older than what you would expect to see at a rock show, but their excitement to see The Toadies former debut album played live was apparent. For most of the people that attended the show the Toadies are known as a band that put out a major single during their college years; but this didn’t stop these 40-something year old fans from forming a pit and slugging it out to songs such as Backslider, I Come From The Water, and Possum Kingdom.

The Toadies performed songs off the featured album, Hell Below/Stars Above, and No Deliverance. They also did a cover by Blondie and showcased a few tracks never before released from their early years. The show delivered everything expected from a Toadies concert and the performance seemed to be enjoyed by everyone who attended. The only disappointment was the absence of Plane Crash, otherwise the set list was perfect.

Set List:

  • Mexican Hairless
  • Mr. Love
  • Backslider
  • Possum Kingdom
  • Quitter
  • Away
  • I Come From The Water
  • Tyler
  • Happyface
  • Velvet
  • I Burn
  • Dollskin
  • Push the Hand
  • I Am a Man of Stone
  • Song I Hate
  • Little Sin
  • Summer of the Strange
  • No Deliverance
  • Heart of Glass (cover)
  • Rattlers Revival
  • Got a Heart
  • Sweetness
  • Stop It

To check when The Toadies will be coming to a city near you, click the following link to see show dates and locations on the band’s website:

The Toadies 2014 Tour Schedule

Honorable Mention: Guitar Pick From Vaden Todd Lewis

Some lucky fans might even walk away with Toadies memorabilia that came directly from the hands of the band members.

Toadies Pick



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