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THE FOLLOWING: 4 Questions Pending The Season 2 Finale

SPOILERS! If you have not seen the latest episode and you don’t like spoilers, then we highly recommend you stop reading.

As Season 2 comes to an end, The Following released a jaw dropping preview of the finale that provokes so many questions about how the season will finish. As fans we know that this season has been building up to the moment where Joe either lives another day or is finally put to rest, but there was so much more drama involved in Season 2.

Between introducing Lily and the twins this season, then watching them kill Mike’s dad and Mandy, or finding out Claire is alive and then watching Claire kill Emma in the latest episode; there is no doubt that the finale will have a thrilling twist.

Yet there are still so many loose ends to tie up before Season 2 can end with a solid and satisfying conclusion.

4. Does Joe shoot Mike Weston?


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This is where the anticipation begins for the finale. Right as the lastest episode ends, Joe has a gun to Mike’s head counting down to the moment when he will pull the trigger. But just as Joe’s countdown hits “one,” the scene goes black; you hear a gunshot and the episode ends. It could be any number of things, but Mike being shot is definitely within the realm of possibilities.

Now Mike’s character has been becoming a bit morally corrupt, but you were always rooting for him. Yes he killed Lilly out of spite, and yes he was thinking a bit irrationally in the latest episode, but he is still a fan favorite. Not too many tears were shed the day Mike shot Lily anyway, so why would they need to kill him off?

Lastly, his “relationship” with Max was finally starting to become apparent. Lets hope they don’t take that love story out of the picture.

3. What will Joe’s reaction be when he finds out Emma is dead?


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In Season 2, Emma has developed an even more interesting relationship with Joe. Their relationship has grown into a package deal of sex and scheming. Now this makes sense because she is attractive and one of his most loyal followers. But near the end of the season Emma really starts to question some of Joe’s decisions. When Joe feels compelled to see Ryan, or similarly with Claire, Emma tries to force him to take a step back and she questions his judgment repeatedly.

Questions arise when Joe tells Emma to be the one to meet up with Claire. He had to know the outcome of Emma retrieving his ex-wife wasn’t going to be a pretty one. What was he hoping the outcome would be? Was Joe “finished” with Emma? Was he sick of her second guessing him all the time and using this as a clean way to get rid of her? Was he hoping Claire would kill Emma or the FBI would ambush them and take Emma into custody? Or was Joe genuinely thinking it was going to be an easy get away with Claire; letting Emma and himself reunite in a couple hours?

Knowing Joe and what he is capable of, one outcome seems more believable than the other.

2. What do the Twins have in store for Joe & Ryan?


TF Twins
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As Luke and Mark come to the realization that their mother is actually dead, these rage filled psychopaths decide that their mission now is to destroy Mike, Ryan, and Joe. Considering that these boys kill for fun and seem to only feel sadness when it comes to their family, the possibilities for what they are capable of are endless.

At the end of the second to last episode Luke and Mark were elated when they get a hold of Claire. Somehow this mission just got worse. When they see her alive, the twins are giddy with excitement knowing this new opportunity has the potential to destroy Ryan all over again. Whether or not Joe will be affected by Claire’s presence is still to be determined. Through the preview of the finale, you can see that they are using Claire to get to Ryan; he is now being used as a pawn to get both himself and Joe into the hands of the twins. There is no doubt that bloodshed is inevitable.

1. Who’s going to die? Joe, Ryan, or all of the above?


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With Mike’s death being uncertain, the preview of the finale leaves you wondering how the hell this season going to end. What are our options? Will Ryan find a way to save the day once again by saving Claire, killing the twins, and finally eliminating Joe from this world? Will Joe and his followers find a way to get out of this predicament and plot a new way to show his mortality? Will the Twins kill everyone and avenge their mother? Will Ryan kill everyone, but sacrifice his own life in the process? The preview of the finally leaves you to believe that the Twins have control of the outcome, but we all know this finale can’t be that simple.

All signs suggest that this is going to be one nail biting experience.

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