5 Moments In The Maze Runner Trailer That Left Fans Begging For More

With the Hunger Games and Divergent making their debuts up on the big screen and instantly turning into international blockbusters, it is now time for The Maze Runner to take the stage this September. This trailer is not only the biggest tease by far, but it specifically highlights the most suspenseful part of the story; literally leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

The Maze Runner trailer has everything a fan would want to see to keep them satisfied till the premiere, but it still honestly feels like an eternity until its release.  The trailer gives you a peak of all the characters faces, illustrates the Glade and how huge it is, shows you snips of the maze with Grievers roaming the night, and it gives you a glimpse into Thomas’s curiosity. But most of all it teases you with that suspenseful moment when Thomas leaves the Glade for the first time.

This article does not leak any spoilers, but hints might be released throughout; so beware.

5. ”Day 1 Greenie”


MR Greenie
20th Century Fox

The newbie has arrived ladies and gentlemen. Just seeing the opening five seconds of the trailer where Thomas is in the box really gets you pumped. It is exactly how the book starts off. So when you hear those three magical words “Day 1 Greenie,” a smile immediately spreads across your face; even if Thomas looks incredibly terrified.

For those of you who don’t know what “Greenie” means, well then shank, shuckface, and klunk are also words that you will need to familiarize yourself with if you want to learn the lingo of the Glade.

Once Thomas get’s out of that box, life as he once knew it has changed. He can’t remember anything about his former life such as his name, his origins, or how he arrived. The trailer does a great job of showing how lost Thomas is in the beginning and how his immediate curiosity is setting up for a perfect story line.

4. The Maze Model


MR Maze Model
20th Century Fox

To see that the boys have actually created a 3D version of the maze is absolutely amazing. Not only is it a huge bonus that adds to the movie but it helps us as FANS understand the maze even better. It’s the perfect visual to truly rap your head around what these boys are up against.

In the trailer you see how the walls can change, how the runners leave every day, how they try to memorize this maze and find a way out. Why wouldn’t they make a model? It really just makes sense. The walls of the maze are so high that writing notes as you run through it is the only guarantee that you’ll make it back to the Glade. But building a model to reference when you get back, noting changes, and comparing similarities, is a brilliant idea; whoever thought up this idea deserves a pat on the back.

3. Size Of Grievers


MR Griever
20th Century Fox

Did you see the size of those suckers?

The camera must add 100,000 pounds because the Grievers are far larger, more intense, and more frightening than anything fans could have dreamed of.

This new dimension really builds excitement for the movie. What else will these Grievers be capable of? How will certain scenes play out now that they are at that scale?

The sound in the trailer alone adds a whole other element to the experience of an encounter with a Griever. You finally get to hear the ticking sound they make and when they scream it sends a chill up your spine. The sound of their metal gears scrapping together as they lurk and the impact of their legs/claws hitting the stone leaves you gripping your seat.

2. Teresa Is Awake Upon Arrival


MR Teresa
20th Century Fox

Right when you see that Teresa is awake, this movie turns into a whole different ball game; one that becomes even more exciting!! This means that you will really get to see more of Thomas and Teresa’s relationship, which was never really built upon in the book. Throughout most of the book Teresa spends her time passed out and Thomas is just left wondering why she is so familiar to him. You know they have a connection, but the thought of how the movie will unfold with Teresa wide-awake from the time she arrives is too much to take in.

This also leaves you questioning how the other boys will react to her if she is awake from the start? What other role will she play to help them? Will they lose all trust for Thomas since she claims she knows him right as she arrives? How much will she remember if she remembered Thomas’s name coming right out of the box?

This new variable could really add a couple twists.

1. ”I need to know that you’re going to follow the rules.”


MR Rules
20th Century Fox

During the trailer once you hear “I need to know that you’re going to follow the rules,” and Thomas sprints through the gate, this is when you realize you have been holding your breath for the last 10 seconds.

Anyone who is a fan and has read the book knows exactly what is going to happen next when you see that look in Thomas’s eyes as the doors are closing. Fans, you know EXACTLY what he’s running to. But for the one’s just waiting for the movie: What is he running towards? Who is he running towards? What could cause him to leave the safety of the Glade?

All that can be said is, once he leaves the Glade…. The story has just begun.

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